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The Sciton® ClearSense™ Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

Sciton® ClearSense™ toenail fungus laser treatment is a revolutionary new procedure that cures most toenail fungus infections in just one 15-20 minute session. It is far safer than the dangerous medications being prescribed as toenail fungus cures. The procedure involves a technician meticulously treating each infected area of your toenail to kill the living fungus with a laser beam that neither cuts nor burns. Most people feel no pain. Some people feel a warm sensation and very few feel a pinprick.

ClearSense is an easy treatment to perform; the laser technology heats the nail and the nail bed with laser energy resulting in a decrease of nail fungus and an increase in the growth of clear nails. The treatment involves passing the laser beam over the infected nails and surrounding skin. The treatment is repeated until enough energy has reached the nail bed and the desired temperature is reached.

Most infections improve after one 15-20 minute treatment. Immediately following treatment, no visual change in the nail will be detected, as it takes time for the clear nail to grow out. The number of treatments will vary depending on the severity of the nail fungus but can range from 1-4 treatments.

No significant side effects have been reported and patients may resume normal activities immediately.